Afro-Brazilian Martial Arts

Aluaiê Capoeira Academy UK

Children Classes - Children and Young People's support.

The Afro-Brazilian Arts & Cultural Exchange Insitute is a charity based at the heart of London, which objective is to promote and to use Capoeira and Afro-Brazilian Arts to improve the life of the members of the community. Our projects for 2016-2017 are the following:

- Children's Project

- Parent & Children Project

- Young people's Project (11 to 17 years old)

- Special Needs Children's Project

- Vulnerable Adults Integration Project

- Partially or totally visually impaired- Eastbourne (From May 216)

- By 2016/2017 all our projects will be running in London, Essex, Sussex and Kent. 


What is Capoeira and why is it so good?

Besides being fun and eye-catching, Capoeira is a very efficient tool in child’s development. Capoeira helps develop balance, coordination, general level of fitness and flexibility, sense of rhythm and awareness of your own body. The musical aspect of Capoeira helps kids feel more comfortable and more willing to exercise. Training Capoeira also builds self-esteem and helps the child to develop a sense of identity as an individual, as a member of a nurturing community and as a member of global society.


In addition to the benefits listed, Capoeira helps build personalities through self-expression in a fun and playful way. It can also help develop the potential of each individual in their ability to learn in school and have a positive influence on life in general.


Our project for the Capoeira Kids Classes consists of two course levels.  The first level is open to younger kids where their parents can also participate and interact alongside. In doing so, children get a better sense of maintaining closeness, developing family unity, strengthening the degree of trust and bonding between each other, and improving the quality of life of the family as one.


The second level is targeted for kids between the ages of 3 and 12.  This class is designed for children to interact with each other, grow and learn Capoeira in a safe, nurturing and positive environment. Children are given the opportunity to develop their own style, to learn and be challenged by the movements passed on to them. Kids are also encouraged to interact with each other in singing and instrument playing. This course invites children to discover, explore and learn the beauties and mysteries of the Brazilian culture.


But most of all, our Capoeira classes are based on having fun, as a mediator for learning. When a child is laughing, smiling and being positive, we believe they have the greatest potential to absorb and integrate new concepts.